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Welcome To My Hobby Of Drawing Aeroplanes.


There is no right or wrong way of approaching aviation art as every artist has their own methods and techniques of achieving an end result and mine is a bit more unusual that others.


My artwork is loosely based on Architectural drawing, which I learnt when working for a firm of Architects on leaving school, so I would consider myself more a technical illustrator than a conventional artist and consequently all my artwork is in pen, ink and pencil. These ranged over the years from scale drawings that have been published in various aircraft modelling magazines to highly complex picture drawings using cross hatching to depict colour schemes, camouflage and markings. I use technical drawing pens and with the aid of a parallel and motion attached to a drawing board, draw straight lines less than a hair's width apart at a variety of angles laid on top of each other and then use soft and hard erasers to achieve the desired tonal effects.


Why Do I Draw Aeroplanes?


It’s probably in the blood as I was born at RAF Hospital Ely, Cambridgeshire, and as a child I traveled around a lot as my father was in the Royal Air Force. I have spent all my life living on or around airfields and in retirement still live just over a mile away from RAF Wyton. I retired in 2012 after 31 years 317 days as a Civil Servant with the Ministry of Defence working for the RAF. I started my MoD career by washing Vulcan’s at RAF Scampton, moved to RAF Finningley and when that closed relocated to RAF Wyton and finished my Civil Service Career sitting behind a desk pen pushing.


For me  drawing Aeroplanes is just a hobby, for my own enjoyment, not a job or way of life.

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After a long lay off I decided to get my drawing sticks out again. I’ve started several art projects but as I’m drawing for myself, I really don’t have an incentive to knuckle down and get them completed. The only way I could think of focusing my attention on completing my drawings was to make them public and the best way of doing that was via a website and social media. Welcome to my website, Facebook to follow.    

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